My vision is to take portraits of mountains, to showcase their individuality, and present them from their most geometrically striking aspects. This often requires climbing into alpine environments, as there is simply no other way to achieve my desired composition. Where a portrait photographer will move the lens by millimetres to meters to fine tune their composition, working at such a large scale has pushed me to move my lens by kilometres, often vertically, a task made more challenging given my choice of the 4×5 film format. Making these photographs has presented an exceptional challenge in terms of finding the right vantage point and controlling light. The objective hazard of the terrain and time required getting on location forces me to shoot opportunistically, often during harsh midday light. Thus, the right weather conditions have been absolutely critical for my goal of high contrast, dark, emotional mountain portraits. The choice of the black and white medium for this series was essential to accomplish this vision. Through this struggle, I present my subjects from a unique perspective not commonly seen by lowland observers. Shooting exclusively 4×5, this work represents my interpretation of large format alpine photography.

I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and moved to Calgary in 2015. Self-taught and drawn to the analogue process, my passion for photography formed a symbiotic relationship with mountaineering and alpine climbing. I have been developing my skills in mountain travel for the past 3 years. Having broken-in to true alpine climbing, I am now capable of achieving my ultimate goal of photographing big mountains at their level, on their terms. Following in the footsteps of Vittorio Sella, I shoot exclusively 4×5 in alpine environments. I video-document my photographic journey and training to provide an inside view into the struggle of my high-consequence, but high-reward, passion for large format alpine photography. Fellow mountain adventurers think it’s strange that my goal is to climb a mountain simply to take a picture of a neighboring mountain, but this is my obsession, and if my fate keeps me in the west, I will showcase Canada’s Rockies in a truly unique way.