I have been developing my skills in mountain travel for the past several years to achieve my ultimate goal of photographing big mountains at their level, on their terms. I video-document my photographic journey to provide an inside view into the struggle of my high-consequence, but high-reward, passion for large format alpine photography.

After 5 attempts to get this classic shot of Birdwood over Birdwood Lakes, I finally had solid weather.

Assiniboine, the Matterhorn of the Rockies, is one the most highly sought peaks in the Canadian Rockies. Knowing we’d be facing difficult early season conditions, I left the 4×5 behind to focus on what turned out to be my most memorable and challenging alpine climb to date. The challenge, in combination with the whiteout conditions on the summit, left me feeling very grateful not to have had the extra weight on my back.

Last minute trip to get Joffre before the season ends. We left Tuesday morning, bivy’d, and climbed Wednesday morning in high winds and full whiteout conditions. I left the 4×5 behind to focus on the climb and do my best to keep up with Luis, which turned out to be a good call because of the whiteout conditions!

After hauling the Ebony up Woolley and Diadem and getting socked in, Wyatt offered to carry his crown graphic up north vic to shoot some handheld 4×5. And so he did, and what a glorious endeavour it was.

Hauled my 4×5 kit up Woolley to get the shot of Alberta I’ve been dreaming about for two years. Alas, in typical rockies fashion, forecast fell and Alberta did not show her face. Nonetheless, what an amazing day tagging two 11’000ers with Steven and Wyatt.

One more step towards my dream. Still tons to learn. Slowly gaining the skills and competence to start bringing my 4×5 kit with me up 11’000’ers and other alpine objectives like this.

Bagged these two classics back-to-back before the season ended. Brought the 4×5 kit and it paid off big time. What an amazing weekend!